Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Trial by Force Lightning (The Story of a Free One Week Friend SWTOR Trial)- Part II

Goggles and Gravel

Author: Cob

It was now time to stop messing around. It was time to forget about a good blaster and start thinking about hokey religions. That’s right; it was time to use the force. I wanted to try the Republic and a Jedi Consular seemed the obvious choice since I stereotyped it as a bit of a “mage class,” and mages get all the cool spells. Now armed with the knowledge that races are kind of pointless, I picked a Miraluka in honor of Visas Marr from the second KotOR. I always thought that Visas was the last of her race, but since I sexed her up as well (boo-ya) I guess I can not only take credit for the existence of Satele Shan, but all the Miralukas as well (you’re welcome).

First impressions are as follows.

1.          Jedi are cool
2.          A spray of pebbles are not as cool as lightning
3.         Huge rocks to the face totally make up for the pebble thing

I also realized how exceptional the character voice acting was. My agent did some nice work with different accents, but I thought that my Jedi had a voice that really nailed the character.

Out of all the characters I played (all three) during my trial, my Sage Jedi Consular was my favorite. With interesting skills and a variety of stuns, combat was very active and fun. I also liked the way she ran with a lightsaber out (it’s the little things that matter, and one thing that I have learned about MMO’s is that character animations are a big deal when you can play a character for hundreds of hours). I never tried any PvP but I can remember getting smashed by a few Consulars on my Agent so I don’t think it would be too bad.

I did get into the crew skill aspect of the game on this character. The fact the resource gathering and crafting could be done anytime and anywhere was classy. I went with Synthweaving, and the armors I could make were pretty good to use at my level. Reverse engineering for better recipes and some material returns was a very tidy way of getting rid of all the extra items that get crafted while grinding levels. My skills capped at level 40 but up to that point I found crew skills to be useful and satisfying. 

        Final Impressions on the Consular

1.     A little bit of the overinflated importance with the whole level five Flesh Raiders threatening the Jedi Temple
2.      The super boring unemotional Jedi personality was restrained to minor characters, unlike the movies (Oh Qui-Gon Jinn, your voice was so gravely, yet your personality was so plain)
3.     Goggles are sexy

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